How much should a replacement 3.5 ton 15 SEER central air conditioning system cost, including installation?

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  1. here's a link to them on ebay.
  2. Depends a lot on your location and the HVAC tech you have install it. Probably going to run you around $4500 or so--assuming you have existing duct work. This would be for both parts of the unit (inside and outside units).
  3. I just changed mine, 3.5 ton, installed and everything cost me $3750.00 good deal, I think..☺
  4. Prices vary by Brand name, the region or state, the HVAC company or dealer and what is included in the quote.. Does the new central air include: lineset, pad, disconnect, permits, warranties etc? A 3 1/2 ton unit at 15 SEER is a pretty good size and high efficient model and will be somewhat pricey. I trust the HVAC company properly sized the house to determine the EXACT SIZE needed. Proper sizing means a 'heat/cooling analysis'......not just square feet. Check out Consumer Report on furnaces and central air units. They rated brands such as American Standard and Trane as TOPS. Do not buy the bottom of the line products such as Goodman.
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